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There are some jobs in this world which cannot be performed without the knowledge of it. The job of a technician is very much exclusive to persons who master in this art. Technology is omnipresent in our present age and hence the importance of a technician cannot be summed up in a few words. A technician is the heart and soul in the scientific field and is one who is perhaps much more efficient and practical than any other employees in that area.  

To start with, a technician apart for maintaining servers and networks carry out a vast number of other tasks. Depending on the domain in which the technician is employed, the job duty varies accordingly. A computer technician's job is to preserve computer networks of the organization he works for, be it a health- care institution, a government organization or a private holding. Almost all the big scale industries now depend on internet for their proceedings and it is the job of the technician to make it happen in a very smooth and hassle-free manner.

On the other hand, a lab technician handles the job in a very exclusive manner. Their job consists of collecting blood, urine and saliva samples from patients test them and present reports. They also conduct several other tests like sugar, pressure, thyroid, x-rays, and such other regular tests under strict supervision. Some medical technicians also help the doctors during the operations. Another genre of people is the clinical technicians who carry out the complex duties of lab experiments and researches. You have to be very much talented and skilled in this field to handle a job of a clinical technician.

A pharmacy technician for instance, assists the licensed pharmacist in maintaining and evaluating his regular sales. You may have to perform administrative activities such as answering phone calls, keeping records of the sale and purchase, ensuring the adequate safety of the stocks and helping the customers with whatever they ask for.  

A technician is found in diverse fields. In the entertainment industry it's the technician's hard work and talent which makes movies worth watching. Similarly stage technicians also put up as well as put off performances in a very effective manner. So, a technician is not only in demand nowadays but also extract a very generous amount of salary for its services. A job of a technician is very much significant for the running of an organization.

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Technician job descriptions

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This article was published on 2011/08/03