What Is The Importance Of Radiology Technician

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A radiology technician/Radiographer plays a vital role in the X-ray department of any hospital, clinic and diagnostic laboratories. A patient’s health condition is diagnosed by a doctor on the basis of the report on the X-ray sheet. The way technicians handle X-ray equipment depends on his good experience.


So a radiology technician is a medical professional. As there is an increase in the number of hospitals, students who pass out from the professional courses offered from the ever sprouting institutes in the world have more opportunities. A technician should be well versed in taking a clear image just as a photographer who has to good at taking a clear image. The technician should know that doctor can get the clear idea of the patient only on the basis of the picture provided by him.In the case of cancer or TB patients, this is all the more necessary in the interest of the life of the patients. Besides the knowledge and experience of the X-Ray equipment, he should update his knowledge about the latest innovations in X-Ray technology and discoveries of new diseases with correct terminology that will make him an update professional. Just like how you prefer a compounder who can read the doctor’s scribbled prescription, a technician who is able to explain the technical details of the image to the doctor is preferred everywhere.


Certificate level at two years and associate degree level at four years are the two options available in the radio technician course.

Every candidate should get the license given by competent authorities to practice after the completion of the course.In the US the licence issued by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, after an examination.


To those who have completed general training, opportunities are also available in the field of diagnosis of breast tumors (mammography), imaging of a three dimensional body of an using many two-dimensional slices (computed tomography), scanning, MRI etc. The demand for technicians is increasing with attractive salary package. Very soon these technicians may have to travel across continents accompanying doctors to perform complicated surgeries.So indispensable are their services to humanity in today’s world.


A radiographer can start with his own practice after getting license from the concerned authority. Always all over the world, a qualified and experienced person is an asset to the patients and there is always a need for him.A patient is at liberty to check the authenticity of the technician, assess his ability to handle the case independent with shrewdness. He should be guide to the patients and suggest the best remedy.

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What Is The Importance Of Radiology Technician

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